One out of every two smokers die from smoking related deaths. These aren’t just numbers these are real people. I was going to be that one, maybe you or someone you know is also going to be that one.

I lit my first cig when I was 14, just a few weeks shy of being 15. My grandmother was in the hospital, we knew she wouldn’t be coming home, my mom had MS so dad and I where shouldering most of the stress related to this. Then due to work my dad had to be away. I didn’t know what else to do at the time. We lived in another part of Cali so didn’t even have my friends close to talk to, and all of the adults I knew smoked to deal with stress. Goes to show how little we knew.

No one in the family knew I was smoking until I was 16. They all sorta had the same outlook, they had hopped I wouldn’t but they where not surprised. For Christmas that year everyone gave me cartons of smokes.

When I was 24 my ex’s grandmother passed away from lung cancer, that same year my father was diagnosed with it as well. He had part of his lungs removed, he continued to smoke until he passed away when I was 25.

At the age of 41 my story took a turn as I found this wonderful thing called vaping.


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