Review of The Disrupter From Innokin

I have two things I want to say first. One is I won my Disrupter from the ECF contest, second is I always said I wouldn’t do reviews as I would hate everything.

That out of the way, I have to admit when I seen the first pictures of the Disrupter I quite honestly thought it seemed like a silly idea.

Then I started doing some reading on it, and the info I was finding made me rethink my initial impressions. First feature that really caught my eye was the ability to run it in voltage mode instead of just watts. Everything coming out currently seems to run in watts, and don’t get me wrong, most people like using watts only, but some of us prefer using voltage.

To me it is just easier to dial in my vape using voltage. I also find that unlike using wattage voltage lets me feel the differences between attys. Maybe you like them all exactly they same, but I enjoy the differences when changing the atomizer on my device.

The most noticeable difference is the Innokincell. The cost of one cell isn’t really much more than the cost of a high quality 18650, and because you can slide one off and put another on, it still allows the end user to change cells.

This is important to someone like myself. I have never been a fan of built in cells because once the cell dies, the whole device has to be tossed. It also means instead of carrying an extra cell when away from home I would have to carry a second device. Another big plus for most of us.

Then I got to looking at the safety aspect of it. The idea of the Innokincell allows them to have control over what cells are used in the device. This allows newer vapers a chance to move into a device with replaceable cells without the guess work and needing an external charger.

Now for (what to me) the most important feature, the power output. I won’t pretend to understand how it all works, or bore you will tech info (some of which I don’t fully understand either), but will say with most regulated devices the vape seems somewhat muted to me. I prefer a DC output, which is part of why I have been a hardcore mech user (the other part is the fact most regulated devices break easily on me). However, Innokin has really outdone themselves with the Disrupter and the Cool Fire 4, the power output gives me the type of vape I fully enjoy.

Last thing I have found I really like with it, is the way the up and down buttons need to be held for a few seconds to change the voltage or wattage. It doesn’t have the lock on the settings, but if you hit the button when you pick it up or put in a pocket or purse, it isn’t going to change. Some may not like that feature, I personally love it.

The only downside I have had with this device is the size, while it is smaller than the MVP 3.0 Pro, I wouldn’t call it small.


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