Ramblings of an Antiquated Vaper

As many of you know, I spent over a year away from the online vaping community. This was something out of my control, sometimes life doesn’t give us many options.

When I went offline variable wattage was the newest thing in mass produced devices. The idea of sub-ohming was 0.5 not 0.1. Temp protection was unheard of. One of the biggest debates was rather brass or copper should be used.

Back then you would find cartomizer tanks everywhere and in all shapes, sizes and colours you could think of. We might have had limited colours in devices, but had a world of colour in tanks and drip tips. Now we have many options with devices, but limited in tanks and tips.

I return and find all sorts of things have changed.  Sub-ohming was once only done by a few of us using mechanical mods and genesis atomizers, now it is everywhere and well below what most of us back then thought to be safe. 

All this makes me feel antiquated as a vaper. I use to enjoy trying to help new vapers, celebrating their successes as much as my own.

That joy is now gone as too many push ways I can not bring myself to support. The few that speak with level heads are called old fashioned or foolish. One person went so far as to say we were trying to make new people waste money and that we should have them start out with the gear they will wind up with anyways.

What happened to the idea that we each need to find the vape that works for us. The options that are out are only worth having if it allows us to find what works best for us.


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