For the Children

One of the arguments used is we must do this for the children. Now I don’t know about the rest of you, but when I was a child if my parents said no, it was no. There was no compromise, there was no getting them to give in, their word was law in our house.

Those days are all but forgotten, the state has taken away parents rights to discipline their child. Social workers visit schools telling children to call them if they feel threatened.

This makes parenting harder, then throw into the mix modern society with laws even limiting a child working on the family farm or other things that for years was considered chores then add everyone having cell phones, computers and video games, what are parents to do.

Law enforcement officer and the courts are not really any help either. Blaming parents for out of control kids, but then arresting the parents or removing the child if they try to correct the problems in their own home.

Don’t get me wrong, we need ways to protect children from actual abuse, but it isn’t abuse when parents say no and mean it. Nor is it abuse for kids to learn that they must work for what they have. The way it is now, is actually a slap in the face to those who have suffered real abuse.

Just as states need to enforce the laws they have, they need to let parents parent without fear of their child being taken from them, once given that then hold parents accountable for the actions of their child.

Look throughout history at any great man or woman when they were young, chances are you will not find them getting their way all the time or having everything handed too them. More often than not you will find a child that grew up knowing there was consequences for their actions. Learning that lesson can take a child far in this world, a lot farther than being told everyone’s a winner.

So, let’s support the right of parents to be allowed to parent their children, and educate those who don’t know how. Yes, mistakes will happen, but in the long run we and our future will be better for it.


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