Why The Words ‘Max VG’ Means Nothing

It is commonplace anymore to see juices listed as max VG. Sadly those words tell us nothing of the PG/VG ratio in them.

Here’s why: You have a 30 ml of juice marketed as max VG. Lets say you are wanting 12mg nicotine level, at 100mg nicotine base, that is 3.6ml of the juice or 12%. Is that nicotine PG or VG based?

Then you add flavorings, many average around 20% flavor, meaning another 6 ml of your juice. Most flavorings use a PG base, there are a few VG flavors out, but sadly not many.  There are also some vendors who use as much as 30% flavors. Which will lower any VG ratio even more.

So already you have a juice that maybe 32/68 PG/VG, but could also be 20/80 PG/VG This difference is all based off the nicotine used.

That ratio though could wind up being much lower in VG, as this is assuming that straight VG is used for the rest. Some juice makers also add water, or instead of using 100% USP grade VG, use a 50/50 mix. All of that would still be a max VG for them, but in reality if a 50/50 base is used, you will have less than 40% VG

Why is this information so important? Many vapers have a sensitivity to PG. Some like myself it is mild, in others it is more pronounced. One friend of mine is so sensitive that even her husband vaping a high PG juice around her will cause her issues. So where I can go up to 30/70 PG/VG without concern she can’t go over 20/80.

Most experienced vapers who are PG sensitive know the ratio they can handle and will look for juices in that range. A few years ago that meant contacting vendors and asking as there wasn’t many high VG options at the time. At this stage of vaping we have a variety of options.

Many of us no longer bother e-mailing a vendor to find out the PG/VG ratio as why should we waste our time doing so when other vendors have it on their site?


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