What Makes a Real Vaper?

What makes someone a real vaper?

There is debate in the community about what group of vapers are real vapers. Some will tell you if you are not running some dual or triple cell mod with a super sub-ohm 0.09 coil you are not really vaping. Others stance is those who do are not real vapers, that real vapers don’t use sub-ohm set ups and chase clouds.

Labels such as ‘Cloud Chaser’, ‘Volume Vaper’, and ‘Tootle Puffer’ are getting tossed around all over the community, but why and are they really needed?

I will openly admit I don’t like vapers who are cloud chasers. My reasons are very simple, we are not fighting a war on facts and science. We are fighting a war on public perception. What you do in your home is completely your business. Once taken out of your home and into the public eye, it then becomes everyone’s business, and like it or not if Joe Public sees 100 people vaping and one of those is being a jerk and blowing clouds towards others or otherwise causing an problem, the other 99 will be forgotten and the one remembered.

For those wondering what a ‘Tootle Puffer’ is, it is a label coined in ECF (E-Cigarette Forum) meaning a vaper who uses low voltage/wattages and usually stays in standard to low ohm.

All labels aside, let me say this. It doesn’t matter if you are using a BT cig-a-like, an ego, or some over priced mod, if you are using it to vaporize e-liquid with or without nicotine, then you are a vaper. Same goes for carto tanks, or rba’s, you are still vaping.

There are no ‘Master Coil Builders’ or ‘Professional Vapers’, vaping is not a sport. It is a safer alternative to smoking. So I don’t care how many sponsors you have, they are just plain ignorant.

So let’s try to cut out the labels, we don’t have to like each others styles of vaping. We don’t have to even support them. We do however need to cut the crap and present a united front.

The only thing we need to ask is: “Do you advocate?”



3 thoughts on “What Makes a Real Vaper?

    • Even for someone who is dual using vaping is an alternative. Most of us do switch over to vaping full time, this is nothing against those who want to dual use.


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