Cotton Wicks

As some of you know I do not use cotton for my wicks.  This has nothing to do with if I believe cotton to be safe or harmful, but is the simple fact that I have tried cotton (both cotton balls and Japanese Organic) and had a reaction to it.

When this comes up I almost always have at least one person tell me they have never heard of someone having a problem with cotton or that this is super rare.  So I decided to start looking into it more.

One of the first things I found was that having a mild reaction to cotton wicks is not as rare as some may think.  If it was, I highly doubt within an hour of reading I would have found someone else who had issue with cotton and so has also quit using them for wicks.

The Kayfun Mini V2.1 with Eko/Silica Build

In the first few minutes of that youtube video Dimitri (A.K.A. The Vapin Greek) tells of his problems with cotton and why he has stopped using it.

Now this alone should be enough to tell people we need to have other options.  Not saying no one should use cotton, but if some vapers find they can’t use it, and everything coming out uses it, where does that put them.  Thankfully Dimitri and I can both rebuild, so for us there are other options.

What about new vapers tho?

We tell new vapers not to jump right into rebuilding for good reason, but now what if one of them has an issue with cotton as well?  It is hard to find anything other than protanks that do not use cotton heads.  Are they doomed to be limited to one option only?  How well did that work for most of us?

We need options out there, not just for those of us already vaping but for those who may start.  Vaping never has been and never will be a ‘One Size Fits All’.

If anyone wants to do further reading on cotton and possible effects, I did come across this case report, and while it speaks of one man, it does reference many studies done on breathing in cotton dust.  


2 thoughts on “Cotton Wicks

  1. Why vape cotton matters?
    The owners or RDAs and RDTAs have already tackled the issue with wrong materials and know how important it is to keep them right. The whole matter comes down to the construction: a wick contacts both with e-liquid and coils, or heating element. One lousy choice and even the best atomizer will get down, and super-star vape juice will lag in taste and vapor.


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