Memorial Day

Tomorrow is Memorial Day here in the states. A time for us to remember those men and women in uniform who have died defending our country, our rights, and our way of life.

They did it for any number of reasons, some trying to better themselves, some trying to escape their homes and/or lack of jobs. Still others just seeking a way to pay for college, and for some it was always their dream to go into the service.

No matter what their reasons were, they served with pride. They believed in what our country stands for, and they lived their lives to the fullest.

Tomorrow there will be BBQs and ceremonies going on all over the country, but I would like to ask everyone to do something else also. When someone is in the service, it isn’t just them that serve, their family does as well. While it is great to honor those who died, let us not forget their families.

If you know someone who lost a spouse or a child in the armed services, please tomorrow while you are going about your day, pay them a visit or give them a call. Maybe even invite them to go with you. Let them know you remember their loved one and them.


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