Side Effects of Vaping

Almost daily there is another “study” showing the harmful effects of vaping.  Most of these use bad/no science or they twist the headlines, knowing most people will never read the study.

They do have one thing right, there are side effects from vaping.

Yes, I said it, there are side effects from vaping, but they are not harmful.  That is unless you count being able to taste or smell as harmfull.  Okay, I will grant you, being able to smell again might at times seem harmful.

One such side effect is instead of drinking maybe a glass of water a week, I now drink about 2 liters of water a day.  This is due to vaping making my mouth feel dry.  The water replaced a 2 liter a day soda habit.

I also can breath again, no longer tied to asthma inhalers and nebulizers to get me through the day.  This aids me in then being able to do more.  It also saves me trips to the doctors.

No more morning cough!  I use to dread waking, knowing the second I moved an inch the coughing would start.  My chest would hurt from trying to cough up what was left of my lungs every morning.

These types of side effects tho are not the only ones I have personally experienced.

Because of vaping I have had to learn things like battery safety.  This doesn’t just apply to e-cigs and mods either, it applies to all hand-held electronics.

Ohm’s Law, this is a biggie.  It helps in my rebuilding and goes hand in hand with battery safety.  You would think having replaced all the wiring on a 79 Ford T-bird or running the wiring in my room, I would have already known Ohm’s Law, but I didn’t.

I have learned more about science and research than I ever did in school.  Reading the before mentioned studies has taught me tons about how things work or more often or not shows me why they don’t work.

To go with the research and learning how to read the studies, is learning how to tell good science from trash science.  It is my hope I see more good science coming soon.

Mixing juices and understanding how things work I have also learned a bit of chemistry.  If only my high school teachers would have taught it in a manner that interested me.

A big side effect for me has been that I now actually care about politics.  I also advocate and try to educate.  Sharing what I have learned with others.

I have experienced many great side effects from vaping, as have just about every vaper I have spoken with.  So, yes I am glad there are side effects from vaping.


2 thoughts on “Side Effects of Vaping

  1. I think these are really good side effects yo drink lots of water, you get over with asthma no more morning coughs these are all good things. i used to be smoker and i got some health issues as well but i switch to vaping and i feel so much better now.


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