I have taken my time with this post, as at first I was angry. Then I started wondering who am I angry at?  The vapers who don’t know anything other than what they have been shown? That isn’t right, as they were only shown one way of doing things. So, then I must be angry at the B&M that only showed them that way?  Wait, what do they know, who taught them?

It comes down to I am angry at US, at vapers who have been around and should have helped educate these B&M’s. We use to self regulate, make sure people were being safe and knew about the options out there.

What am I talking about? A couple weeks ago now I was at the rally in Olympia WA, most of the vapers I seen there where using high powered box mods and drippers. Now this is not a dig on cloud chasers, I may not like cloud chasing but that is something different.

If you have tried other things and found the above set up to be what you like, okay I can accept that, but most of the people I spoke to didn’t seem to know there where many other things out past the latest things like the sub-ohm tank and or drippers. Some didn’t even know there was an online community of vapers past facebook.

Knowing one of the things in the bill we were there against was a ban of online sales, and knowing my local shops don’t carry what I personally use, I asked one of the vendors there if they carried disposable attys. I had to hide the facepalm when the shop owner replied with a “we carry some ce4’s”.

Is this is the level of education of B&M owners? I wouldn’t have been surprised if they had said no or something about it being too old school, but to reply with they have clearos.

I am just as guilty with this as anyone else. We need to help make sure new vapers are educated and know there is online support and help. They need to know about groups like CASAA, about calls to actions, about safety. Most important tho, they need to know there are options out there and that not everyone uses box mods and rda’s, and that it’s okay if they decide they like something like a good ol carto tank or a cisco 306.

It is time we take control back, that we educate, help, and mentor those new vapers.


One thought on “Angry

  1. Charlie says:

    While I can see your point, that educating new vapers is definitely a good thing, the inexperienced vape shop owners will take care of it self. What I mean by that is if a business fails to carry the products most vapers want or creates enough bad experiences with his customers then his business will certainly fail to succeed. I honestly believe that right now there is a ridiculous number of vape shops jumping on a new band wagon and as the industry grows many will fall off.


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